Repatriation is where the deceased is repatriated or returned to another country after death.

The term can also be used to describe sending the deceased within a country or cremated remains overseas.

Traditionally the cost of repatriation of the deceased was a very expensive process. We offer our repatriation services from $4,395.00 for a body or $250 for cremated remains (service fees only). Families want their loved one returned home as soon as possible to lay them to rest. These prices for repatriation are an indication only. We do aim to work within a budget with families, without compromising on services.

There is a lot of regulation and government requirements with repatriation which does take a lot of time and work.  The Natural Funeral Company aim to repatriate the body of a deceased person in the most timely fashion possible.  We are a family run business, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are experienced in repatriation of the deceased to many countries and all continents around the world. When you call The Natural Funeral Company you will be speaking to someone who you can trust and will assist you quickly.

When considering repatriation the cost may be a concern. As a general guide, The Natural Funeral Company is able to facilitate international repatriations of a deceased person for the following costs as a guide.:

Returning Bodies Overseas

International Destinations - Embalming, Dressing, Casket, Viewing, Funeral Service, Preparation for Reparation including attending to all paperwork. $7500 Including GST + Transportation

Europe Transportation Cost $4,000 to an airport for collection by a funeral director at destination.

South East Asia Transportation Costs $2,500 to an airport for collection by a funeral director at destination

These prices are an indication only

Cremated Remains Overseas

Every country has different rules and regulations.

Please contact us to discuss the best method specific to your needs.