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Arranging a funeral can be difficult during a time of emotional hardship. The fear of shopping around and finding an honest funeral price for your loved one can be an unnecessary stress. The Natural Funeral Company can put your mind at ease with an instant estimate by SMS, followed by a call from an on call funeral director.  We offer a FREE consultation discussing the various options available to you.

Funeral Prices

Our simple automated service has been established to provide you with a quick response to the question 'How much does a Funeral Cost'? 

The few questions we ask will enable our automated system provide you with a quote for a service with the  'essential' elements of a funeral.  Our on duty funeral director will call you to offer advice, explain our services and discuss the next steps should you engage our Services. All additional products and services will attract additional charges.

If the type of Funeral Service you are looking for is not found on this website or via our quote system, please call us anytime on (08) 8311 3991 .