Fixed Price $5,000 

A full service cremation package

Many funeral homes in Adelaide when you call them for a quote offer full service funerals starting from $7,000 and more. This doesn't include flowers, memorial cards or even funeral notices..

We are all about being different, offering many products and services considered 'extras' by some a part of our fixed price full service package.

Florey Chapel Centennial Park
Florey Chapel Centennial Park

What's included

A full service cremation funeral with a nice looking coffin, celebrant and additional products and services for a fixed price (based on all the listed items and services shown) :

Included in this service :

  • Professional services fee
  • Cremation fee and permit
  • Eton 1.8m Deluxe Teak Satin Coffin
  • Mortuary care
  • Certified copy of death certificate
  • CD music as requested
  • 30-50 Photo DVD Presentation
  • Transfer from place of death (all hours) in metro Adelaide
  • Doctors Medical Certificates
  • 3cm Funeral Notice Adelaide Advertiser
  • 3cm Death Notice Allowance - Adelaide Advertiser
  • 50 Memorial Cards
  • Fresh Floral Sheaf, petals and tributes
  • Celebrant
  • Memorial Book
  • Chapel and Lounge service at flexible times. (** Chapel only)

Service $ 5,000 incl GST

Fixed Price based on locations listed below and services provided.

Where this service can be held:

  • West Hindmarsh Chapels
  • Enfield Chapels
  • Centennial Park Mawson
  • Centennial Park Florey
  • Partridge House Glenelg
  • Talk to us about your location
Acacia Chapel - Enfield Memorial Park
Acacia Chapel - Enfield Memorial Park

Eulogy Service

A professional high quality service presented by an experienced celebrant.  Say goodbye the way you would like with the right words.

Coffin Selection

While we provide a tasteful and nice looking teak veneer coffin you can opt to upgrade to something different if you like.  The choice is always yours.

The Essentials

We include 6 cm worth of notices in the Adelaide Advertiser, flowers, DVD photo presentation, memorial cards, memorial book and more.

Mawson Chapel - Centennial Park
Mawson Chapel - Centennial Park

Prepaid Funerals

This service is available as a fixed price prepaid funeral.  All funds are independently invested with your wishes and all products and services detailed. 

Burial Option

This service can be adapted to be used for a burial service.  Additional costs apply which will be cemetery licence, interment and setup costs.  Talk to us about the various options.

All Hours Transfer

Unlike many services we provide (and most other funeral homes), we include transfer from your loved ones place of death at any time of the day or night in metro Adelaide.