Our Policys

We aim to be as flexible as possible and always listen to what our families we care for want.  We do however have a number a few things we aim to follow in order to be pure to our cleaner simple approach to funerals.  Some are listed below.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

  • We avoid embalming unless there is a legal requirement to do so. (ie: overseas repatriation)
  • No balloons.  While they are pretty, they are polluting too.  You may arrange your own if you wish but we no longer arrange to provide balloons as part of our services or be involved in release of them.
  • Where there is catering involved and ceramic plates, glasses or metal cutlery are not available, we will provide our range of biodegradable products for use.  A small fee will apply.   Plastic plates, cups etc that are not biodegradable are discouraged.
  • We prefer celebrants that can work with us and have the same more relaxed approach to services.
  • All natural burials are provided by our dedicated service The Natural Burial Company.  A set and growing range of eco friendlier coffins are provided for selection.  MDF or metal coffins/caskets are not used.
  • Some services are suitable for all faiths, some are not.  Please be guided by our arrangers as to which package options will work well in a particular location.

Every funeral is different, we learn from everyone we do and things are always changing. If you like what we do, tell your friends.  If we do something you are not happy with or want to know why something was done a particular way, initially call/tell us.  There may be a specific request , reason or issue on the day that we had to work with.