Coffins and Caskets

All our coffins and caskets, where possible, use biodegradable plastics which conform to State Regulations.  

Plastic used is kept to a minimum and we also stock 'Stafford and Smyth' cornstarch biodegradable handles.  

Coffin and Casket finishes use water based coatings where possible.

Whats the difference between a coffin and casket ?

Coffins are widest at the shoulders and taper in at the head and the foot so the coffin mirrors the form of the human body. The lid is not hinged and is removed completely.

Traditional Rosewood Coffin

Caskets are rectangular in shape with a hinged lid and are usually constructed of better quality timbers and feature higher standards of workmanship.

Traditional Casket

Expression Coffins

Expression Coffins are a unique way to celebrate a life lived. Each coffin is beautifully handmade by master craftsmen and wrapped in high quality imagery, utilising the latest eco-friendly technology.

We have numerous coffin designs to choose from. Designs include natural imagery, sporting teams' colours and a variety of peoples' hobbies.


Design your own Expression Coffin

You can supply your own images or ideas to create your own customised Expression Coffin. A beautiful photo from a wedding day; a family picture from that summer holiday at the beach; or a picture of a much-loved pet, are commonly submitted images that families send to create their special coffin design.

Expression Coffins are made from sustainable board with a memorial tree planted for every coffin by our supplier. Expression coffins range from $1400 to $1950 for a custom design.

Natural earth burial range

As part of our Natural Burial Company service we have a dedicated green range of coffins that are neutral in their effect on the environment.