We are a group of people with a shared commitment to providing a personal and tailored service at a difficult time in people's lives.

At The Natural Funeral Company, we support you from the very first conversation.

"Funerals should be about love .... not wealth. Choose a funeral service that is affordable, flexible and reflects you or your loved ones character."

Our Story

The Natural Funeral Company was established to provide a more modern approach to funeral services. We offer simply beautiful, meaningful, affordable funerals.

We provide a full range of funeral services in many areas of Adelaide and surrounding areas and offer Adelaide's only dedicated 'sustainable green practices funeral service' with the establishment of Natural Funerals "The Natural Burial Company (Adelaide)".

If you are looking for something a bit different, alternative or more relaxed, we can help you with our easy approach.

As independent family owned funeral directors, The Natural Funeral Company are passionate about helping you get what you want and need from a funeral. Taking pride in providing practical information that is down-to-earth, highly professional and feature sustainable funeral practices when faced with the death of someone you love. Importantly, they care about getting it right for you.  We have both male and female arrangers to gently guide you through the process of making funeral plans.

Call us anytime on 08 8311 3991

Pricing Policy

While we provide package pricing to make selecting a funeral option easier to understand, we will provide detailed price information on request.  Most invoices provided will detail third party costs as standard.

The way we do things

Freedom and flexibility:

We keep our services simple, personal and affordable. But we always listen to your needs and are flexible.


We provide only what you want and need. We design personal funerals to your needs but we can offer a fixed price package.

Personal service:

We believe in one point of contact. The person who visits you at home will be by your side every step of the way: they will be your point of contact on the day of the funeral and will be available to answer any questions 24/7.


We leave the body of your loved one in its natural state and treat them with total absolute care at all times.  

Dedicated and Ethical:

We are dedicated funeral directors, caring for families in need our only chosen calling.  We follow all relevant industry regulations and advocate for others to do the same. We don't cut corners in what we do and do everything in an ethical responsible way.   Mortuaries we use are SA Health and SA Water Regulations compliant and all our coffins adhere to the South Australian Burial and Cremation Act.  We encourage all families to always ask about these things with their chosen funeral director.  You would be surprised at how a number of operators are providing their services.